The Family Bathroom

Project 7487D3 – Lemont, IL

NKBA Chicago Midwest Design Vision Award Winner

When a family of five lives in a small 100 year old cottage, rooms need to accommodate everyone and growing children can make that challenge all the more interesting.  The peoples’ heights in this family ranged from 3’6″ to 6’3″ when the project started, which posed an issue with showerhead height.  The solution was to install a Kohler Hydro-rail with a stationary showerhead and a personal shower on a slide-bar.  With the stationary showerhead set for the tallest in the family, the personal shower can be set at a lower height for the shorter family members and repositioned as they grow. 

As anyone who has been in an older home knows, storage space is always at a premium.  Families have a lot to store in a bathroom, especially when all the children are girls.  A mirrored medicine cabinet of the necessary size would have been outrageously large, so a tall custom cabinet, the depth of one toilet paper roll, was placed perfectly behind the bathroom door. 

It’s difficult for children to fold bath towels and put them back over towel bars, so hooks were used instead.  And even if the kids still leave the towels on the floor, at least it’s easier on mom and dad when they clean-up.

Designer: Stephanie Bullwinkel


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