Remodeling 101 Series

Remodeling 101 was created out of a desire to empower people and make them feel comfortable with what is often a very stressful shopping experience.

Our community outreach presentation “Remodeling 101” is for local organizations, libraries, small business associations, etc. An open dialogue with attendees, we cover what to expect during the remodeling process from beginning to end.  Call us at 708.485.0020 for more information.  READ MORE>>>

Remodeling’s “Hidden” Costs  Exposed Series

Remodeling is one of those places where, inevitably, the dollar amount charged is not what you expected.

We created this series to highlight where expenditures can rise. The more prepared you are when it is time to remodel your home, the more confident you will be in your relationship with your contractor and your design decisions.  READ MORE>>>


Designs, Styles and Trends Series

Kitchens and baths are the work-horses of your home.  Not only do we want them to look nice, but we need to flow effortlessly through out these spaces as we perform our daily tasks several times a day.

This series looks at making a space attractive, functional and responsive to your family’s needs.  READ MORE>>>



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