Privacy Policy

For the purpose of this document, Imperial Kitchens and Baths, Inc. of Brookfield IL shall be referred to as Imperial.  The term client shall represent past, current and future individuals and companies who have been in contact with Imperial regarding goods and/or services regardless of whether or not they have purchased from Imperial.

It is the policy of Imperial to never sell client information to a third party.  From time to time, we will share limited contact information with independent online communities and publications for the sole purpose of reviewing our goods and services.

Unless notice is given to “opt out” of continued communication by client, Imperial shall send a limited number of emails and mailings to client, not to exceed (12) twelve outreaches per year.  Imperial will do its best to remove client from the contact list if they choose to “opt out”.

All credit card transactions for client will be run through a dial-up terminal at the office location in Brookfield.  No transaction shall be run through an internet service.  No electronic copies of any credit card information shall be made.  All documentation with credit card information, with the exception of transaction receipt, shall be destroyed.  We will not send sensitive information via email as we cannot vouch for the security of the servers handing the transactions; and we ask the same of our clients.

Imperial abides by all HIPPA regulations, regarding information concerning the health and well-being of their employees.  Imperial will not release employee personal information to any client, subcontractor, employee or vendor, with the exception of the payroll service provider.

 Updated 04/03/2019


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